On my initial setup, I had installed CiviCRM onto the same database as the Wordpress installation. Now I want to split this as I am migrating the website and would rather backup and have a copy of the CiviCRM installation on its own. Does anyone have any advice on how this could be accomplished? Can I just backup the existing DB and restore to a new instance and it would all just work?

  • feel i have seen similar questions before though it may have been in chat
    – petednz - fuzion
    Apr 29 '19 at 19:16

That's really two operations: splitting the combined db to separate WP and Civi ones, and migrating. For the migration part see the manual.

To split the db, you could make a duplicate of the original as the Civi db (dump and load), then in the Civi one delete all the non-civi tables and in the original/WP one, delete all the civi tables. In your civicrm.settings.php file find the setting for CIVICRM_DSN and change it to use the new database name.

Make sure you keep a backup of your original combined db just in case!

  • So doing that wouldn't break the integration with the WordPress backend? Apr 30 '19 at 16:41

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