I like using pending transactions and then recording partial payments under the contribution instead of using pledges and payments the reasons are as follows:

1. civi contribute is much more used and therefore better developed and has better integration with drupal views etc.

2. I am dealing with many dedications that are set amounts and many people pay them in installments and many pay the full amount in once. I would like to go to one place to see data on both (I can create a pledge for every donation even if its paid all in once, and look at pledge data but that's annoying. and does not work well with views)

the problems with partial payments are as follows:

1. Most of the contribution reports don't deal with the actual partial payments but just with the main contribution
2. thank you letters only look at the entire contribution and not the partial payments
3.any reports don't look at the dates of the actual payments but just look at the "date received" of the main contribution contribution
4. if you make a mistake in a partial payment and record the wrong amount or the full amount due there is no way to delete a partial payment

if anyone has any advice please let me know

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