I'm working on a drupal website with a CiviCRM platform which is hosted by OVH. My cron seems to be working, enter image description here

but CiviCRM is not detecting it. Is that normal ?

Thanks in advance for your advices.

  • I'm also trying to configure cron to run on a shared server hosted by OVH.. So unable to run any command :-( I also need to encapsulate a php script and call over HTTP; did you manage to configure and have it up and running? Thanks! – Laurent Arnoult Jan 7 at 8:25

I recommend following the documentation to configure your cron entry.

This page documents method for using built-in CLI commands (cli.php) and externally packaged CLI tools (drush or cv).

The method shown in your screenshot does not appear to match those docs:

  • The task is initiated from within the bin directory rather than CiviCRM website root (this might or might not be a factor)
  • The task uses cron.php using CLI SAPI, not the CLI tools documented. (cron.php uses $_REQUEST for its inputs)
  • The task does not specify a CiviCRM scheduled job (eg Job.execute)

Following the docs is probably the best next step. If that doesn't work, update your question to include the amended command and output as a text for further guidance.

cron.php is documented as intended to be called over HTTP in that page, which you can also do using other CLI tools like curl.

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  • Hello Chris, Thanks for your answer. I tried to follow the doc as you recommended. Here is what I did. As OVH doesn't provide command line access to the server, I followed the "HTTP method" paragraph by creating a script like this : imgur.com/iKpx4tc, then executed it on the OVH interface : imgur.com/mDjnNK0. Like yesterday, OVH executed without errors : imgur.com/zo1q4jh, but CiviCRM is still not detecting the cron activity. – Guillaume Sorel May 17 '19 at 9:39

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