I am trying to send an Activity-triggered scheduled reminder to a group. These contacts will not be otherwise associated with the Activity.

Recipients > Send to group doesn't seems to be working and there's something in the documentation that suggests only members of the group that also meet some other criteria (Activity associated contacts?) will get the email, but this isn't clear.

So maybe it would work to use the 'Limit or Add Recipients' > 'Also include' option. But this doesn't exist in scheduled reminders only for Entity type = Activity.

Thinking about asking someone to write an extension to override this on our site, but want to check there's not some deep reason this is omitted for Activities.

Or maybe it's a bug, and Recipients > Send to group is supposed to work...?

Thanks for the help.

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  • Thanks Peter, that's interesting. None of that mentions why that function isn't there for Activities, as that's not the focus of the discussion. The mystery continues. Looks like I'll have to call up DGG :) Or maybe Joanne... – Katy J May 29 at 3:59
  • just for completeness, my other comment in chat was about whether the fact that contacts can be 'connected' to an Activity as any or all of source, with, target might be the factor adding complexity to this situation – petednz - fuzion May 29 at 19:48
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    Recipient(s) selector for activity that says "Assignee, Target, Source" uses the same column in database that's used for limit-to / include for other entities. And that's probably the reason why it does not appear separately like for other entities. To provide both the options like "Source" and limit-to/include, it would probably need a new column and code to handle both. – Deepak Srivastava May 30 at 14:19
  • @DeepakSrivastava in our particular case we actually only want to send to a group, not any of the activity contacts. Does that change anything? – Katy J May 30 at 16:59

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