Some donor wants a receipt of their contribution printed. I could not find any option other than printer icon on the top right. But that gives a very barebone format. What is the best way to go about it, please? Thanks

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You can make pdf and then print it.

  1. Go to CiviCRM Menu -> Contribution -> Find contribution
  2. Click on search button.
  3. Select any contributions which you need
  4. On the top of table is located "actions" dropdown. Chose "Receipts - print or email".
  5. Then You will redirected on "Print Contribution Receipts" page. Click on "PDF Receipts" select pdf template. And then click on "Process receipt". After that it generates pdf.

If you don't have any pdf template, you can create in "[your domain name]/index.php?q=civicrm/admin/pdfFormats&reset=1" page. Be caerful, don't set big value for margin param(try to set "1").

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