This boils down to a UI problem that my client has with a complex event registration. If you haven't seen my other questions, I'm running Civi 5.13 with WordPress 5.2.

The client's members are all organizations and they host several functions a year, including a conference and several continuing education events. Most of the registration is done by 3rd party management firms, but the attendees can/do sometimes register themselves and guests (spouses and kids) for meals/daycare.

Ideally, I want to hide the guest price options, when a user selects "attendee" so that they are forced to select "guest" before entering their guest information (or visa versa). The current problem is that attendees are selecting guest options with their own event registration and not providing us with the names of the guests, which we need for name tags, seating, etc....

Is there a way to insert this logic to get a dynamic price set?

  • Might be worth reading up about Caldera Forms as you may find many of your questions can be achieved using that. I say that as a Drupal user how would be saying 'use webforms' but my sense is that Caldera Forms can do similar but slightly different magic for WP. – petednz - fuzion Jun 2 at 4:57

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