I've been trying to use the 'Update Multiple Contacts' feature from within a Group using a profile. The profile field is 'Organization Subtype'

However, when I get the list of contacts to update, and click in the field, no results with the error 'none found' shows up, even though on my database there are a few different subtypes. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

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This problem sounded vaguely familiar, and I just found out why.

This is logged on the (old) CiviCRM issue tracker as CRM-17451. The answer was that someone would have to write this functionality or work with the core team to do so. However, I also see that I found a workaround back in 2016. From the page:

In non-technical terms: Profiles secretly have a contact type they're associated with. You can see this if you try to add an organization-specific field to a profile, then an individual-specific field. You'll get the error "Cannot add or update profile field type Individual with combination of Household or Organization". That's because Civi has decided this is a profile associated with Organizations. However, when you don't have any contact type-specific fields on a profile, your profile defaults to a contact type of "Individual" for many purposes. So individual contact subtypes are loaded.

The workaround: Add an organization-specific field (like "Organization Name") to your profile, and this problem goes away.

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