I am going to shut my other question and try and rewrite more clearly here.

I have recurring events. I want to change the name of these recurring events to add the date to them, so each one is easily identifiable.

I am not particularly experienced writing hooks and I'm struggling.

I can't really figure out the API pages and I can't find replace examples (Which is what I'm assuming I need here).

Can anyone help me with this hook? I'm on a really messy set up through my volunteering and I can't copy paste from the machine/have no IDE so this has really been hard to try and communicate what I mean to people. I want to get the name as it is now and append the date of that particular occurrence.

  • Couldn't you just simply change the name of the event in Events/ManageEvents/EventTitle to include a date? – peterb Jun 8 '19 at 15:08

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