We need to remove subject from case dashboard. we don't know where to change whether in report or in drupal. can any one please help on this.

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In sites/all/modules/civicrm/templates/CRM/Case/Page/DashboardSelector.tpl remove the line that starts with:

<th data-data="subject"

Also there is a similar line in sites/all/modules/civicrm/templates/CRM/Case/Form/ActivityTab.tpl

  • not able to find this path.. Is there any other path to get the file.
    – kanchana
    Jul 17, 2019 at 7:23
  • Are you using a file manager control panel? Does it have a search feature? Can you just do a file search for ActivityTab.tpl and DashboardSelector.tpl?
    – Demerit
    Jul 18, 2019 at 3:51

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