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If we run a card on file payment for a recurring payment profile tied to a membership, we are noticing the payment does not show up as a linked payment when viewing their membership. Is this by design or an error?

edit - Membership end date not updated for autorenew monthly

think it's this. any tips?

  • civicrm_membership is linked to civicrm_contribution_recur properly and the payments have a link to the recurring profile ID so it "should work" used this query to find any that were missing: SELECT cc.contact_id AS contact_id, cc.id as contribution_id,cm.id as membership_id FROM civicrm_contribution cc, civicrm_membership cm WHERE cc.id NOT IN (SELECT contribution_id FROM civicrm_membership_payment) and cc.contribution_recur_id is NOT NULL and cm.contribution_recur_id = cc.contribution_recur_id and then we can use an INSERT to remedy - but moving forward? – Zachary Jun 24 '19 at 20:47

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