I'm a bit stumped on permissions. I'm trying to create a user role that can

  • See and edit any user
  • See and edit custom fields for the user
  • NOT see or edit activities for any user
  • NOT see any financial information for any user

I tried this combination of settings:

  • CiviCRM: view all contacts : CHECKED
  • CiviCRM: view all activities : NOT CHECKED
  • CiviCRM: Delete activities : NOT CHECKED
  • CiviCRM: access CiviCRM backend and API : CHECKED
  • CiviCRM: access Contact Dashboard : CHECKED

This arrangement seems to allow the user to see all contacts but also all activities on all contacts.

If I remove "CiviCRM: view all contacts" then the user can see no contacts at all, and no activities.

I don't really understand why "view all contacts" gives access to see activities when the activity permissions are turned off. That seems counterintuitive.

And I can't find a combination of permissions that allows a user to see/edit all users, but not see/edit any activities.


(CiviCRM 5.8.2 on Drupal 7. I'm aware a security update is needed to CiviCRM.)

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I guess Activity type ACL extension will do your job. This extension provides additional permission for each activity type. By default its set to false for all activity type.




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