I'm trying to understand what happens with an import.

A file gets uploaded in a POST operation, then there's GET requests polling(?) of civicrm/ajax/status?id=somelongid

Which request does the work? Is is the POST?

Is it that the POST is a really long running script (server timeouts permitting) but that it's triggered in the background? (EDIT: yes, that's true.) Where does the somelongid come from for the GET polling? Or do the GET requests trigger processing the next batch? Does the process continue without the status requests (e.g. if you close the browser).

The reason for wanting to understand is primarily that I have a timeout issue and I don't want to increase the global timeout for all requests, so I change the timeout for certain paths in nginx config. But also I'd just like to know and couldn't find it in the docs.

  • Would be very useful to understand this. I get time out messages from imports but they seem to have processed fine. – Mick Kahn Jul 23 at 10:53

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