I have hired a freelancer to create CiviCRM Sign-Up form featuring Tell-A-Friend and validation email.

Using CiviCRM contact Caldera Processor, he created the form shown below but has an integration problem - is not able to map created custom fields "Province" and "Municipality" into CiviCRM's standard fields "State/Province" and "City".

He is not able to use the standard fields as they do not allow him to have 2 pull-down menus (Province and Municipality – see picture below) and other features (Tell-A-Friend and verification email). Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

[Note: Selecting a Province immediately populates the Municipality field.]

Environment: WordPress 5.2.2 and CiviCRM 5.15.1 hosted at AWS.

enter image description here

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The freelancer wasn't familiar enough with CiviCRM to realize that the municipality field we were looking for was already an integrated part of the CiviCRM through the county field.

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    Glad you found your answer! Consider hiring from the CiviCRM partner listing - not only will you be getting folks who know CiviCRM well, you can also support folks who financially support the software, which is necessary to keep its quality high. Commented Aug 21, 2019 at 21:10

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