Continuing the project I started here, trying to put together an install of Drupal 8, CiviCRM, and Open Social.

Trying to kill civicrm/civicrm-cxm-rpc to fix a conflict, and it won't die

On my first server instance, dev1, I used Roundearth's composer script that installed both Drupal 8 and CiviCRM, but was unable to get Open Social on top of it. On dev2, I'm using a distro that packages Drupal and Open Social, and I'm using Roundearth's CiviCRM-only installer. I seem to be getting further with that, but have to resolve dependency conflicts.

I forked CiviCRM to kill the conflict in the above link (as I don't think I need the functionality that bit provides), but for the next one, the conflict is CiviCRM requiring league/csv 9, and Drupal says league/csv 8. The thing is: on the dev1 box with the full CiviCRM install, it's using 9 and Drupal is happy.

Forking Drupal seems like a bad idea, and CSV seems pretty damned important to CiviCRM. Where should I be looking to bang a large hammer for this?

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