I am testing some templates with smarty and I don't succeed to send them when the email is - apparently - encoded in html. I could send them as normal text message. I could also send html templates that I have. But I can't send messages using both HTML template and Smarty.

I am sending from within Civicrm and it runs endlessly, when other types of messages are immediately sent (and well received).

Is this due to a limitation, a bug or should I set some parameters somewhere?

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It might be because you have syntax error in your smarty code. Try not to use editor if you want to use smarty code or use this configuration to use smarty using ck-editor

  • thanks so much Pradeep! This was the last parameter to set. I will add the link to your message inside my other message about how to set the smarty variables. Commented Aug 15, 2019 at 11:37

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