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I am getting this error often:

Stripe Payment Processor Webhook: Credit Card (3)
Stripe Payment Processor Webhook: Credit Card (4)

From what I can tell - our stripe webhook is correctly setup.

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I think the new version tries to create the webhook automatically. Maybe if it already exists in the Stripe account it can't create it -- have you tried deleting the webhooks in the Stripe account and then using the "Fix Stripe Webhook" (civicrm/stripe/fix-webhook) page in CiviCRM to regenerate it?

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    This is correct. You can ignore the erors or delete/regenerate. Per the extension author, webhooks should have an API version associated with them - but when I created them manually, they didn't. The lack of API version is what it's complaining about. Aug 14, 2019 at 22:04

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