Drupal 7.67, Civi 5.13.5

I'm currently adding some CiviRules to automatically tag users based on what event they sign up to / attend. However one of the event types isn't showing up in the CiviRule dropdown box on the "Conditions" screen. This event is marked as active. I haven't yet added any other Conditions for this CiviRule.

Any clue how to fix this?

Screenshots below -

My list of Event Types. I want to have a CiviRule that adds a tag when people attend a "Youth Event". The event type I want to integrate with CiviRules

"Youth" doesn't appear in the drop-down: Youth Event not appearing 1

Or when I search for it: Youth Event not appearing 2

I haven't added any other Conditions for this CiviRule.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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This is a bug I spotted last week and submitted a fix for. Some of the new conditions in CiviRules 2.9 (including this one) are limited to just the first 10 options. If you know how to apply a patch, my fix is here. If not, this will get fixed in CiviRules 2.10.


Did it used to be "Youth" and you changed it at some point to "Youth Event"? Try changing it back to "Youth" just to see if that fixes it.

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