I have created a CiviCRM survey (under Campaigns > New Survey in the CiviCRM menu) but would like to embed this survey into a Drupal Content type. How might I do this? I am using

  • Drupal 7.37
  • MySQL 5.6.24
  • PHP 5.6.8

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By design, a CiviCRM survey can't be displayed anywhere on your website. From the docs (emphasis mine):

CiviCampaign has a feature that enables offline surveys by providing a standardised way to record survey responses and to then generate reports from the survey data.

If you want an online form for your website visitors to fill out, alternatives are CiviPetition and Webform-CiviCRM Integration. For your use case I recommend the latter. Webform-CiviCRM can do everything CiviPettion can do, plus a whole lot more, including the ability to be embedded into drupal content (well, technically a webform is drupal content, so you can do anything with it that you can do with other nodes or blocks).


Webform-CiviCRM would meet your requirements and can be provided as a Block if that is what you are after (ie it can be set to show on certain Content Types)

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