I'm running Civi 5.19.alpha1 locally, installed using buildkit with drupal-clean on my laptop running Ubuntu 19.04.

So I just manually installed or updated a bunch of Drupal modules (I started off just wanting to install webform-civicrm and ran down the rabbit hole of other required modules).

I now see only (Object) CRM_Contact_Page_DashBoard at http://localhost:7979/civicrm/dashboard.

I also see this message at http://localhost:7979/:

hook_civicrm_pageRun called. This hook is called before a CiviCRM page is rendered. Note that this does not execute on every CiviCRM page in the general sense. CiviCRM's pages are classified as either 'Forms' or 'Pages', and this only runs on pages classified as 'Pages'. If you are not sure if a particular page is a Page, test it by adding some temporary debug code to /CRM/Utils/Hook.php

I've run drush updb and get No database updates required, drush cvupcfg and get Config successfully updated.

Been Googling around, looked in Civi docs, checked StackExchange, not figured out the problem yet.

I could and maybe just should go back and uninstall/delete the modules I just installed, of course, but prefer to not have to re-install later.

UPDATE: see the answer below. I had enabled the Drupal civicrm_developer and Devel modules, though of course, I did not have to, to enable the webform_civicrm_integration module. I was enabling other Drupal modules that looked useful.

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It sounds like you enabled the civicrm_developer Drupal module. I would disable that.


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