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I will keep looking in documentation, but if someone can give me an answer as to why a unique contact cannot register > 1 time per event, I would appreciate it - I can imagine it may be due to DB Schema issues. I am not talking about registering multiple participants using 1 email address but allowing a contact to register two or more times. I do know it would mess up some of my reports! thanks

  • Are you maybe using events to represent something that is not an actual physical event? – Demerit Oct 9 at 1:17
  • 2
    Similarly curious about the use case. In theory it is trying to reflect reality that you can only personally turn up at an event once unless you have unusual super powers – petednz - fuzion Oct 9 at 2:17
  • Also would like to understand the use case. if its for options at the event, perhaps you can use price sets to allow the participant to book different options. – Mick Kahn Oct 9 at 10:35

You can also set up a Price Set option so one person can buy multiple tickets while only entering their own details once.


This is configurable through t Event Mgmt, Online Registration page.

  • That allows multiple different people to be registered by one person, but not the same person multiple times, which is what is being asked for. – Mick Kahn Oct 9 at 17:02

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