I'm in the process of switching from Events Manager to CiviEvents so my client can integrate event registrations and payments into Civi. screenshot However, as far as I can see there's no facility for the CiviEvents widget to show event thumbnails, which is a shame. Attached is a screenshot of the current set-up, where the Events Manager widget formatting matches the recent posts widget.

I can show an image by including it in the CiviEvent widget description field, but that's far from ideal.

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For those using Drupal -> you can use Drupal Views to create such displays - here's an example of a CiviCRM Event Display - using a Bootstrap Grid (responsive display):

enter image description here


CiviCRM Event Organiser can do this, but requires the Event Organiser plugin for display of events via the usual templating methods in WordPress. I don't know if there's a way to migrate your existing events from Events Manager to Event Organiser, but if your events are held in CiviCRM, then that won't matter.

Here's an example of upcoming events, a tag archive and the out-of-the-box calendar. Event Organiser also provides a couple of configurable widgets, IIRC.

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