We're running CiviCRM on Joomla on an on premises Linux server.

Joomla has the wonderful Akeeba Backup that ensures that you can restore the complete website, including CiviCRM. That has saved us a few times.

But it has its drawbacks, such as exactly restoring the complete website, so I'm looking for a more lightweight solution. Is there one already?

Otherwise, I'm thinking of scripting something that

  • Creates a backup of the civicrm tables
  • Copies all of the CiviCRM files

Would that be sufficient? What file trees would be "all of the CiviCRM files"?

Any other ideas to make upgrading CiviCRM a walk in the park, rather than the somewhat cumbersome and semi-scary process that it is today.

(Yes, I always try out the upgrade on a development server first, which is fairly easy because of Akeeba Backup, but it might still not be exactly the same PHP, OS...)

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