[On Civicrm 5.19.1, Drupal 7] Is it possible within Civicrm to make a new privacy setting that limits viewing notes to an entire group, and not only the author?

We would like all tarification people to be able to see each other's notes on a contact, but not our clients.

I've seen here and here that it was not implemented yet by 2011, but has it become possible since?

I have added the screen with the heading "edit Privacy level for notes Option" (Notes tab>Add note>wrench). I anticipated being able to add group privacy here, but I don't see how to specify anything.

**the edit screen for "Edit Privacy level for notes Option"**

I've seen this PHP hook, is the only solution using this in additional PHP code?

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    Probably the hook is the way to go. Also check at civicrm.org/extensions - I didn't see anything but you might find something. – Demerit Nov 18 at 22:16
  • Unfortunately I didn't find any extension that would be helpful. We are going to have someone write the functionality in for us. – eics yesterday

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