I'am setting CiviCRM for a new customer and I'm wondering about how to reach my goal: 1 individual owns 1 or more companies that have/own 1 or more sub-entity (shop) knowing that the membership contribution will vary depending on the number of Companies owned and the number of Shops. There is not pre-defined pattern. You just can't have a Shop without having a Company. Only a company can get a membership.

I have set 3 profils with the necessary customs fields: Owner (based on Contact) Company (based on Organization) Entity (based on Organization)

I have created the relationships between Owner (owns) and Company (is owned) and between Company (owns) an Entity (is owned).

I have created the 6 different prices set (which I am not sure to be the right way).

I have allowed in the contribution the owner to get membership on behalf of a company.

I don't find the way in a webform to create new company depending on the number of Companies.

I have read these posts: post 1,post 2 and post 3 and also the documentation:

I am a bit confused now and wonder if I am in the right direction? Any thoughts?


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