Our charity doesn't offer grants but applies for a fair few. Having had a play around with CiviGrant, I can't see any immediate problem with using the component as a way of tracking grants that we've applied for and received etc. but the documentation from Civi suggests it's only for managing grants going out of the charity:

In contrast to CiviContribute, which tracks money going into your organisation, CiviGrant tracks money going out of your organisation. CiviGrant has a data structure and workflows that support the grant application process with the ability to manage the amount applied for, amount received and any reports necessary for the process.

I created a sample organisation as a contact to attach to the grant and all seems OK to use as a way of managing incoming grants. Just wondering if the community knows something I don't as to why this might not work e.g scaling, reports etc.


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That's totally possible - I have one medium size org that uses Grants exclusively for this purpose. We're using some simple Word Replacements -> in civicrm/admin/options/wordreplacements?reset=1 to help Staff use native CiviCRM Grants to track income:

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