I have found how to get Civi to show me how many new members of each type joined per month. However I need the total of all members at the end of January Feb etc so I can see if there is an increase in members and of which type.

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  • worth mentioning what cms you are using as some reports are easier to build using CMS tools, eg Views for Drupal – petednz - fuzion Dec 2 at 18:34

I would firstly suggest checking out the Membership Churn extension

  • Pete thanks for that suggestion, and it looks like just the thing that Adam is looking for. I was looking for a similar report and way to calc the 'point in time' monthly membership counts a few years ago now, and glad that you put us on to this. I've also installed it and am checking it out on a demo site, so I have to add some more dummy membership data to see it working better in action.... – Joe McLaughlin 2 days ago

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