I've created a relationship report through the Extended Reports extension but have run into a challenging situation. I want the report to show detailed information (in this case, the name of the leading office) rather than the ID number stored in the table. Is there a way to make this happen without creating custom code? We're using 5.16.4. Thanks.

enter image description here

  • In case you don't get a quick answer, worth mentioning what CMS you are using as some reports are easier to build with CMS tools, eg Views for Drupal. – petednz - fuzion Dec 2 at 18:32
  • Good point. I should have mentioned that we are currently using Drupal 7. – J. Rolfs Dec 2 at 21:52
  • if you are using Drupal then i would build this with Views myself – petednz - fuzion Dec 2 at 22:45
  • Ok. We'll look into that option. Thanks. – J. Rolfs Dec 2 at 22:50

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