We need a way to work around the limit of soft credits that can be added to a contribution. I understand the limit is 10 but that is insufficient for our needs. Please advise.


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There is technically no limit in the soft credit : it's only a limitation in the public form.

If it's a rare case i would propose to simply add the missing soft credit using the API explorer :

  • go to menu Support -> Developer -> API Explorer v3 (or v4 but my screenshot is in v3)
  • choose entity ContributionSoft, Action create and set value for Contribution, Soft Credit Amount and Contact ID
  • Then use Execute button

Like so :

enter image description here

Otherwise, you will have to create an extension to somehow overwrite the CRM_Contribute_Form_Contribution::$_softCreditItemCount value and it should do the trick :

   * @var int
   * Max row count for soft credits. The value here is +1 the actual number of
   * rows displayed.
  public $_softCreditItemCount = 11;

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