We are going to introduce a new tier of membership to our organization that gives people unlimited access to certain category of events. So the event would typically cost $X, but if you are a member, the event is free.

I know that I can use CiviDiscount to let the user register for $0. But as a value-add, I'd like to actually auto-register them for the event. I'm looking for validation of how I might do this.

Here are some things I have thought of...are there others you would suggest? Which of these do you think would work best or easiest?

  • Could I use CiviRules? So...trigger on new event create, filter by type of event, action is register anyone with membership X? I don't honestly know if CiviRules could do that but it was a thought.
  • Could I create a Drupal view that lets a member of our back-office team select an event from a list, and select a membership, and then executes some kind of VBO or Rule that registers those people?
  • Could I use webform? Perhaps create a webform that pre-selects people in membership X and lets a back-office member quickly register than on a selected event?
  • Could I use the Civi API and write a script (perhaps that I trigger by cron) to register people with the right membership to events?

Thank you

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You can already do this (manually) by searching for the contacts with a certain membership (advanced search) and then select the action register participants for an event.


We have used VBO for changing registration status so if this was not yet currently an option for adding people to the event it feels like not a big stretch, but since automated would be the best route i would be looking down the Drupal Rules approach if civirules can't offer it

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