When submitting a webform (links below) on our site, an error message is generated: Cannot create user, email: invalid!!

This error message displays for all webforms and for all email addresses, whether it is a valid email address or not.

In only one of the forms listed below should a drupal user be created. The other two forms are only intended to add people to mailing lists.

What should I be looking at to help understand this?

Webform for Mailing list only:



Webform should be adding a free membership, so a user record is desired:


  • Hi, I had a look and could be your field settings. You could try the ticking the 'Existing Contact' box on the Civi tab (should then change from id="edit-submitted-civicrm-1-contact-1-fieldset-fieldset-civicrm-1-contact-1-email-email" to id="edit-submitted-civicrm-1-contact-1-email-email" name="submitted[civicrm_1_contact_1_email_email]. – RebeccaTregenna Dec 19 '19 at 10:45

I had the Rules module updated and removed all unused rules(of which we had many), and now the forms are submitting without error

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I just made a test submission. The double exclamation point is interesting - that's not a string (invalid!!) that appears anywhere in the CiviCRM codebase.

This looks like a Drupal webform - I would check the settings on the webform for that text. After that, it could be a Drupal module, or even a CiviCRM extension, but it's most likely webform-level validation settings.

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