I am really struggling getting the Soap Proxy URL configuration to work. I keep getting the following feedback from CiviMail: Civimail User Check : it appears that the proxy URL that you gave is invalid.

I have a user in civi and in Drupal with the correct credentials. I am also pointing to the soap.php file in the libraries folder. I am not sure if this is a permission error, or if Civi even syncs from the vendor folder to the libraries folder... Running the check_soap.php I get what looks like permission errors on the user created. I have uploaded the soap_check.php file in my website root, passing the required parameters gives me the following error: SoapFault exception: [HTTP] Forbidden in /usr/www/users/mywebsite/web/check_soap.php:13 Stack trace:

0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__doRequest('https://www.mywebsite...', 'http://test-uri...', 1, 0)

1 /usr/www/users/mywebsite/web/check_soap.php(13): SoapClient->__call('authenticate', Array)

2 {main} Raw Response:

Passing the main admin account details instead of the new user gives me the following error: SoapFault exception: [HTTP] Unable to parse URL in /usr/www/users/mywebsite/web/check_soap.php:13 Stack trace:

0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__doRequest('http://test-uri...', 1, 0)

1 /usr/www/users/mywebsite/web/check_soap.php(13): SoapClient->__call('authenticate', Array)

2 {main} Raw Response:

I can see the soap file in the libraries folder... so quite confused!

I am using Drupal 8 and civi 5.13.4.

  • The doRequest parameters seem a little confused - are you sure you're passing in the right domain and path, and including https instead of http? – Alan Dixon Jan 7 at 16:24
  • yes, I run the full command as below: php check_soap.php <soap_user> <soap_password> <full_proxy_url> I have a drupal/civi/soap user, correct permissions, and I event tried using my user 1 credentials. I do get different feedback when I do use user 1 as per my comment above. I also made sure all folder permissions are set correctly to the actual file. For my full proxy path I use the full path, ie mysite.com/web/libraries/civicrm/extern/soap.php – Ddroid_za Jan 7 at 17:01
  • That doesn't look like the right path for a url, the web/ folder is the document root for most new Drupal 8 installs using composer. i.e. try without the web component in your path. – Alan Dixon Jan 7 at 17:17
  • yeah it is confusing but correct, the composer project I am using(mydropwizard.com/blog/better-way-install-civicrm-drupal-8) keeps the vendor files etc in the root and then the traditional Drupal files in web, making the web folder the root, well drupal root... – Ddroid_za Jan 7 at 18:07
  • Yes, that's the project I'm assuming you're using. There's a web directory in the project that is the document root - i.e. you use it for paths on the server, but not in urls. Try it! – Alan Dixon Jan 8 at 17:18

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