I've got a site where custom data has been created for Particpant records.

And the fieldsets have been made available for all event types.

The site in question relies heavily on segmenting events by type, and some of the participant fieldsets are not applicable/suitable for some event types

However the empty fieldsets are appearing in the confirmation emails for the events they are not appropriate for and causing confusion to end users.

So...My question is... am I safe updating the values in the civicrm custom group tables for the fields EXTENDS ENTITY COLIUMN ID and EXTENDS ENTITY vALUE for the relevant data sets

I guess this is the reverse of the question asked here Can I change settings for a custom field set for participants without losing any data?

Can anyone advise me of any potential pitfalls?

  • I'd say that this is actually a bug. Fields should only display on the confirmation email when they have been used on the event registration form. I can't see a use case for any other behaviour.
    – Graham
    Sep 21, 2020 at 12:50

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Hmm I think you should be OK but carefully....and make sure you are not hit by any of the VALUE_SEPARATORS?


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