We are running a conference, when sending a receipt to someone how do we select one of the stored templates which we have created e.g late payment?


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There is no way you can select template to replace the receipt/invoice that is send by Civi automatically. If you want to send a separate invoice/template for certain people than you will need to either write an extension to replace the template with user-driven message template or you can use Schedule reminder or Send Email activity.

  1. Extension:

Implement hook_civicrm_alterMailParams in your extension to replace the message template based on $params parameter

  1. Create Email Activity or bulk email to a group

You can use Email activity to send email with the help of Civi-token extension.

  1. Schedule reminder

Add contact's to a group whom you want to send invoice, create a Contribution schedule reminder and use your template to send email.



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