I did some research but I can't find how to it. We are planning to use CIVICRM for our Wordpress Website. We want to show a page / directory of all of our Clubs (Organization). Help will be really appreciate.

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As Demerit says, you can configure CiviCRM profiles to make search listings.

People are working on Wordpress Plugins to create views of CiviCRM data https://civicrm.org/blog/justinfreeman/show-civicrm-content-quickly-easily-in-wordpress-using-content-views

So I guess the short answer is, yes you can. But it takes a little thought/ planning/ configuration.


You could try the CiviCRM Directory plugin. It needs a bit of configuration and templating to make the best of it, but it works out-of-the-box for testing purposes.

Otherwise (as others have suggested) Profiles could work for you.

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