I have a question about the functionality of membership forms for renewals.

We've got our CiviCRM membership form set up with both new membership and renewal text/copy: enter image description here

As I understand it, it's the same page that changes title/text based on the member status.

I can't for the life of me get this renewal title/copy to appear on our membership page. Does anyone know how this title/text change is triggered? Does it appear because of a membership status eg 'grace'/'expired'? Would it appear with a membership status as 'current' but nearing the end date of the membership?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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It should appear if the user is logged in or is using a checksum and has a Membership status which can be renewed, eg New, Current, Grace

  • Thanks Peter/Jitendra. I've tested this with an expired membership and logged in and navigated to our membership page (vitiligosociety.org/membership) and it's still not showing this renewal text. Is it possible that our JS customisations on the page are causing this?
    – sjparker
    Jan 17, 2020 at 14:44

I can't for the life of me get this renewal title/copy to appear on our membership page

If a contact has a valid existing membership - the renewal text is shown on the page. This renewal text is not shown if -

  • existing membership is in Pending or Cancelled status.
  • existing membership is of type = Lifetime.

In our CiviCRM system, the "Renewal" area will show in the form only when the current membership is already expired, while the "Registration"/"New Membership" area will show when the current membership has the status Ongoing.

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