I'm on Drupal 7.67 and using IATS extension 1.7.0, While attempting to upgrade Civi from 15.17.4 to 5.21.0 the upgrade script gave me "API error: Could not delete payment processor type" My search of Stack Exchange questions found two that seemed similar to my difficulty. However, corrective actions seemed to go in a couple of different directions and involved the Civicrm tables "civicrm_payment_processor_type" and "civicrm_managed". In the Civicrm_managed table I found three "payment processor types. I'm wondering if I deleted those three payment processor types and than ran the upgrade process again, would this result in a clean upgrade. (I exported the entire "civicrm_managed" table so I could reconstruct those deleted entities if needed.) However, I have one other possible option. Can I disable the IATS integration module, then run upgrade and renable the module when (and if the upgrade suceeds)?



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