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We use Thank-You letters for our Year-end receipts. We use line-items for our fund accounting. If a donor gives monthly to more than 2 funds, the search result for the letter is too long to fit on one page. So it starts the next letter on the partial page. If the results are short enough, it all works great. How do I force it to start each letter on full pages?

Here is my message template code

<table border="0" style="width: 900px;">
        <td width="30%"><img height="auto" src="log url here" width="275" /></td>
        <td style="text-align:left; font-weight: bold; padding-top:60px;" width="50%">{contact.addressee}</td>
        <th style="padding-top:60px; text-align:center; color:#70551F;padding-left:100px; ">2019 Contribution Statement</th>
        <td style="text-align:left; " width="40%">{contact.street_address}</td>
        <td style="text-align:center; font-style: italic; color:#281c1d;padding-left:100px;  ">January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019</td>
        <td width="40%">{contact.city}, {contact.state_province} {contact.postal_code}</td>
        <td style="text-align:center; font-style: italic; color:#281c1d; padding-left:100px; ">Federal Id # 27-4638772</td>
        <td colspan="2" style="text-align:center; color:#70551F; padding-top:20px; padding-bottom:20px;">____________________________________________</td>

Thank you for your support of Radius International in 2019

No goods or services were received for these Tax Deductible contributions

Date Cont ID Contribution Designation Amount {$date} {$contribution.id} {$lineitem.label} $ {$lineitem.line_total} 2019 Total Contributions $ {$contribution_aggregate}

I cannot tell you how to do a page break and it probably also depends on your pdf library (e.g. dompdf or wkhtmltopdf).

You could however consider using one of the existing extensions for donation receipts to create the Year-end receipts. There are several around, one we created quite a while ago can be found here: https://github.com/systopia/de.systopia.donrec

The documentation can be found here: https://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/DonationReceipts+Extension

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    I looked at that one, but we need line item info and it appeared it does not offer that detail. – Iowa Boy Jan 24 at 16:44

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