Wordpress 5.3.2 CiviCRM 5.21.0

I've recently upgraded to CiviCRM 5.21.0 successfully and everything was working fine.

Whilst tidying up the site, I inadvertently and stupidly changed the CiviCRM Resource URL to the site URL (not the full path) instead of [civicrm.root]/ I now cannot get into CiviCRM admin through Wordpress admin so am unable to change the resource URL back to how it was.

Does anyone know a way of resettting things through FTP or phpMyAdmin please?

The settings in civicrm-settings.php seem OK. I've tried reinstalling CiviCRM but still cannot get into Admin.

Many thanks.

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The easiest way would probably be to override this value in civicrm.settings.php. There should be a commented out line something like:

// $civicrm_setting['URL Preferences']['userFrameworkResourceURL'] = '....';

You can uncomment this line by removing the leading '//' and edit the url. Make a backup of civicrm.settings.php first.

If you wanted to make a change in the database you can do this by editing the value of civicrm_setting for the row with name "userFrameworkResourceURL".

I'd recommend backing up the database or at least that table first.

If you have logging enabled via (Admin -> System Settings -> Misc (Undelete, PDFs, Limits, Logging, Captcha, etc.) )

You could find the previous value for this in the log_civicrm_setting table.

  • Luke - Thank you for your very prompt reply and for the advice. I'll give changing the database setting a try.
    – peterb
    Commented Jan 25, 2020 at 0:02
  • Luke - I managed to change the database setting but it didn't immediately solve my problem. However, I did eventually get into CiviCRM admin where the Resource URL was showing as blank. I changed it to [civicrm.root]/ and now things seem to be fine. Thanks again for your help.
    – peterb
    Commented Jan 25, 2020 at 12:06

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