I'm facing the same issue as spidersilk in this old question - Is there a way to add a custom field to the Inbound SMS activity type?. Trying to keep the one CiviCRM instance I support as "out of the box" as possible, so hoping for an answer that doesn't require custom status-es or CiviRules.

Is there an "out of the box" way to search for activities with a blank "Assigned To?" With that, I could just list activities of type "Inbound SMS" that have yet to be assigned. I realize assignment isn't the end, but it'll suffice. I had high hopes for the Search Builder but, to my surprise, Assigned To is not one of the fields exposed for Activity.

CiviCRM 5.21.0 on Drupal 7.69.

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This might not meet your needs but it can be done from the Support menu under api4 explorer (but not api3). Choose activity - get, and then for the where clause pick assignees.id Is Null. Then click execute. Note on a stock install the screen will look weird but it functions.

  • Not exactly what I was looking for, but a very valid approach. Thanks.
    – wil_SRQ
    Commented Feb 23, 2020 at 18:35

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