Ive measured the labels and entered the measurments into the custom label form.

Each time I run the mailing label generation function I get blank pages.

I stepped down to font size from 8pt to 6 pt and the result is the same. Blank pages.

I stepped down the indentation to the top and left side of the label to .2mm. Again, blank pages.

Not sure what to do to fix this.

  • Have you installed the alternative PDF processor wkhtmltopdf? If not, I would give it a shot; if you have, try temporarily disabling it and see if anything changes! Also - do you have the same issue when changing the font size to 6pt on all labels, or just your custom label? Feb 28 '20 at 18:17
  • @JonG-MegaphoneTech, I did not install the alternative PDF processor- where could I find directions on that? Changing the font size to 6pt did not affect the other labels I tested.
    – Binyamin
    Feb 28 '20 at 18:36
  • You need command-line access and it's a bit technical, but the general wkhtmltopdf instructions are here. Feb 28 '20 at 19:21
  • Re wkhtltopdf - Note some hosting packages provide it so you just need to configure the path to it in Civi.
    – Aidan
    Feb 28 '20 at 19:25
  • 1
    Also, can you print successfully on one of the default label sizes?
    – Aidan
    Feb 28 '20 at 19:27

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