Like probably many of us here, I am faced with cancelling a number of our events and refunding people. I have probably 10 events to cancel and 200 participants/contributions to deal with. All event registration payments were made via Stripe.

I just want to be sure I have the optimal workflow.

  • Go to Manage Events.
  • Pick an event, select participants, registered participants.
  • For each person in the list:
    • Click Edit. This takes me to editing their event registration.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the window, which shows me their contribution record with a status of Completed.
    • Click Edit on the contribution record. Now I'm at Edit Contribution.
    • Get the transaction identifier from this window. Flip over to Stripe Dashboard. Search for that transaction ID. Hit refund and accept that customer requested.
    • Go back over to the CiviCRM tab. Change Contribution Status to Refunded.
    • Click Save. Now I am back at Edit Event Registration.
    • Change Participant Status to Cancelled.
    • Click Save. This takes me back to the participant list.

Is this the right workflow? Is there a faster way?

Thank you

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