I have looked a great bit into some alternatives to the default civicrm theme such as shoreditch, haystack, the CiviHR theme and one that agiliway developed for their demo site.

My question is what alternatives are most people using instead of their default civicrm theme? Custom theme or one of the alternatives i discussed above.

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We have been using CiviCRM shoreditch theme for quite a long time until we switched to Kindly Theme by artfulrobot for some of our clients recently. Both are good in their own aspects. Around 2.4k sites in this universe are using CiviCRM shoreditch theme. We also have custom theme inheriting Drupal bootstrap3 theme for some clients to match their screens.


We use Shoreditch for most of our customers, Haystack for 1 and have looked at (but not yet used) the Aah or Kindly theme by artfulrobot.

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