Find Participants - pulling up the names but when you hit one of the buttons above name to put them in alpha order it pulls up everyone that has taken a class.


I add pull down the menu to find the specific

  • Hi Deb - can you pls try replicating at dmaster.demo.civicrm.org. I did the following - Find Participants - Search - shows 50 (all people who have done an event) - repeat but set for Event = Rain-forest cup - shows 18, click on Participants to reorder, still see 18 – petednz - fuzion Mar 26 at 19:43
  • if you can replicate pls add some screenshots to help document the issue – petednz - fuzion Mar 26 at 19:44
  • if you cannot replicate then mention what version you are on, and perhaps do an upgrade to latest in case it was a bug that has been fixed – petednz - fuzion Mar 26 at 19:44

I think you are on very old version of CiviCRM, Similar issue was reported 10 months ago and was fixed in 5.14.1

You can either upgrade CiviCRM to latest or apply patch

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