When I register for one of the events on my site, no thank you screen is displayed. In order to understand what is going wrong, I would like to know what I should expect from Civicirm.

Hopefully you can help me on this.

When I add an event, I find in the tab 'online registration' a section 'Thank-you Screen'. I fill out the three fields I find there, being 'Title', 'Introductory Text' and 'Footer text'. I save and leave the page. When I register for the event, nearly everything works as expected: I can do a payment, which results in a registration record in the database, I get an email and there is a bank account transaction. But on completing the payment, I get a white screen, if I'm lucky containing a php error. It looks something went wrong (although this is not the case), so I do not dare to use this on my production site.

I was wondering what I should expect: does civicrm use a dynamically created page to show the thankyou screen, or should there appear a static page among the other pages which results from the event configuration section 'Thank-you Screen'? I found no matching thank you page after configuring the event.

Should I do some extra configuration after filling out the event configuration form in order to make the thankyou screen work?

thanks for explaining, Ruud

  • Can you check php error log for any 500 error? – Pradeep Nayak Apr 9 at 12:03
  • hi Pradeep, I see no 500 error. Is that relevant for answering the question? – ruud Apr 13 at 14:07
  • Do you see anything in error logs – Pradeep Nayak Apr 13 at 15:19
  • I would like to understand how the mechanism works. I have posted the error logs earlier, but without result. That's why I now would like to have some idea how civicrm should work so that I can narrow the problem down and ask a more specific question... – ruud Apr 15 at 15:33

For testing purposes I created a new event and accidentally forgot to make it a paid event. By doing that, I found out that (now there is no payment and no blocking white screen), the thank you page is properly shown. And without having a static page showing the result. So it is dynamically generated.

This means I have not to look for a misconfiguration that prevents civicrm from creating a thank you page on creating a new event.

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  • You may want to compare with demo.civicrm.org - not having the thank you page may just be an issue on your site for some reason – petednz - fuzion May 7 at 21:43

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