I have a registering process that I imagine doing within two steps using 2 webforms

If I only had a defined and small number of companies I would only use 1 webform but here the number is undefined (it can be minimum 1 up to ... ?)

So this is what I imagined.

First the person will register as an individual contact without membership - there's a list of questions to determine the membership(s) fee(s).

Then he will register the companie(s) he represents on another webform. The question is how do I link? With the email field?

The person will have to register as many companies as he/she represents.

I know I'm tweaking a bit CiviCRM and it would be better with a special webform outside of CiviCRM but I have no time and money anymore for that project :-(.

Any idea?

Regards, Guillaume

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