I've already asked a close question but I have a related issue.

My situation is that one individual contact would get several identical memberships for several organization (think of the single owner of campsites enterprises holding several campsites joining the national campsites union).

I only have one membership type (annual membership) for the enterprise level and one price for the contribution. The membership is set to be both way inherited from the enterprise to the campsites and to the single owner of all these organizations.

On the webform on the CiviCRM tab, as a test I created 7 contacts

  • 1 owner registering the organizations (individual)
  • 2 enterprises getting the membership (sub-type of organization)
  • 4 campsites (sub-type of organization)

Relationships are also set as inherited between contacts (enterprise is owned by owner and manages campsite).

Because I can't know before filling the form if the owner owns 1 or 8 campsites enterprises that will manage 1 or 5 campsites, I used the Drupal Webform Add More module so the owner can decide whether or not to register more organization.

For the moment I don't have online Memberships, consider they pay later.

In Memberships tab, enterprise 1 and 2 will get Membership1 (the only one actually).

The form works smoothly but by the end the owner only gets 1 Membership instead of 2 when each enterprise gets properly its own membership and same for the campsite.

From what I read and understood, is it right that CiviCRM can't handle twice the same membership?

If right, should I create several versions of the same membership (membership1, membership2) or is there another way to set this? (several version of the same membership sounds weird to me). I am wondering if I really need the owner to inherit the membership but I don't the potential consequences on the CiviCRM workflows.

Any advice?

best regards,


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