Since CiviCRM 5.23, one can set a custom L10n/I18n resource directory. Using this feature with Aegir and Drupal 7 profiles, this setting almost works: CiviCRM sites install with selected language, using the Drupal and CiviCRM language files (.po/.mo) located now at profiles/myprofile/translations/.

Missing piece is that the settings.default.json file of CiviCRM l10n settings is not picked up during install, so its settings are neglected. The file is at civicrm/l10n/hu_HU, next to the .po files.

Is it a bug or am I missing something in my Aegir settings?


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The solution was:

  1. Add a define('CIVICRM_L10N_BASEDIR', '/var/aegir/platforms/YOUR-PATH'); statement to platform.settings.php file of Aegir (see: Altering Aegir's Behaviours), to set an environmental variable for CiviCRM, to locate the exact place of its l10n files. More info on CIVICRM_L10N_BASEDIR here and here.

  2. Correct the line breaks of the example settings.default.json, otherwise it's not being read as JSON file. The address_format and mailing_format should be one line, and \n have to be added when line break is required. See MR.

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