Our contribution pages are working for some individuals and for others, payments are failing. Is there a way to see what the cause of this issue is for the payments that are unable to go through?

  • Which payment gateway are you using? Can you check in there for the failure reason? Apr 24, 2020 at 20:31

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There are a few places you can check.

  • Foremost, I would check your payment processor's logs. Most likely the cards were sent there and declined. Make sure you don't have any configuration mismatches - e.g. not allowing credit cards from outside your country, or requiring a CVV on the payment processor but not on CiviCRM (though I believe it's mandatory in CiviCRM on the front end these days).
  • Check your CiviCRM logs. Their location varies by CMS. If you're not sure how to interpret them, you may want to open a new question.

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