Rookie here. Installed CiviCRM WordPress plug-in, and it works great. We've given permissions to several people for entering contact data, events, etc., however, I would prefer they not go in through the WP dashboard, to keep them from accidentally messing up the website from poking around. Is there a way to create a WP log-in page for them so they can get into CiviCRM without going through the WP dashboard? If it's in the setup, I'm afraid I didn't find it.

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WordPress allows you to specify a redirect in the URL. So if you make this their "Log In" link:


They'll drop into the CiviCRM dashboard upon successful login. Replace example.org with your own URL, of course.


You should take a look to Peter's login redirect plugin. Very simple and you can setup redirects by WordPress roles. https://wordpress.org/plugins/peters-login-redirect/

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