I very recently signed-up to CiviSpark Hosting Plattform to evaluate it for future use by our organistion. Early on the way I stucked by some limitations of that Version, first of all:

  1. The localisation/ language can't be changed as desired

  2. Only Users with the Admin Role selected in CiviCRM can access the CiviCRM-Site

Does anybody know how to get detailed information about the limitations, restrictions and functional differencies of the Civi Spark hosted Version compared to the "native" CiviCRM

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The sign-up page says:

  • Store up to 2000 contacts
  • Send up to 5000 emails per month
  • Payments are only supported with three processors: PayPal, Stripe and iATS
  • The interface is available in many languages.
  • A few other configurations are disabled by default, such as Households and some Location Types
  • It is not possible to enable other extensions than the ones provided by default.

If you can't do something on Spark, it's worth clarifying on the Spark channel on Mattermost whether it is an intentional limitation or just a problem with your setup.

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